Paint it black

I'm getting really bored. So. Bored. With everything. School, work whatever.

You know what they say, Idle hands are the devils playground, so instead of burning down my house entirely, I think I'm just going to re-do my room. Right now its got purple walls, black and white accents and is generally filled with JUNK!
A few weeks ago though, I saw a feature on FTV of Cindy Gallop's New York apartment... readers, it was a revelation. This woman is nuts. NUTS! (in the best way possible, of course). She's an advertising and branding executive part time, a total badass full time. She wanted her apartment to be like "a bar in Shanghai" after the lights go down.

So I'm going to paint my room black. Obviously, it is not going to look exactly like hers but her apartment is definately my inspiration. I think some gold grafitti is in the works along with gold leaf on the ceiling. Also, I would like a suit of armour but I suppose a skeleton will do. His name will be Moe and he will greet you at my door with a flower at which point you will squeal with glee or have a heart attack. You have been warned.

So heres the plan: my parents are going on a trip to Vancouver on July. I've enlisted my brother to move all of the furniture out of my room and then I'm going to run in and quickly paint over everything. This way, I will avoid the inevitable question, "What are you doing with all of that black paint?", from Mira (my very conservative, yet slightly freaky, Eastern European mom)

So by the time my parents come back, I will have an entirely new room.

Shoes not included.

See more of Cindy's crazy-ass apartment http://freshome.com/?s=cindy+gallop

Is it just me or...?

does it seem like everyone is ripping off Grace Jones? Everyone from Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Beyonce. Not that I have anything against these ladies, but the more I see them the more that I see elements of Grace's style. Grace was a complete original, pushing the boundaries of music, fashion and sexuality in the 70's and 80's. I remember seeing her for the first time on TV performing at Fashion Rocks and she completely blew my mind and the more I read and see makes me realize shes a pure genius! Lately I've been noticing the 'similarities' between her and the previously mentioned popstars. I'm not sure whether I can call this inspiration or just plain stealing. On the one hand nothing is really original anymore. Everything's been thought of and done before. On the other hand, what happened to cultivating your own style, your own sound, your own look? Either way, you need to give credit where credit is due.

Bow down.

(Yes she is wearing THE Philip Treacy hat. I would KILL for it!)


The one and only

Its not fair. How can someone wear all of these clothes and not look ridiculous? Well you can't. Unless you are Daphne Guinness. Which you (probably) are not. Ugghhhh I am envious. Its great to see someone who is a complete individual and doesn't just follow the pack. All you Hollywood bitches better take notes!

Love her.

RIP Lee McQueen

Oh Lee McQueen! How could you?! How deeply you'll be missed! Most of us never got to know you personally, but we eagerly anticipated your show each season. Whether it was wearable or not was not the point. We wanted to be shocked, dazzled, rendered speechless and you never disappointed. The word "genius" gets thrown around so easily but in your case the label actually fit. No one else could do what you did. RIP.


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